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Glad Tidings
Where We've Been

Our Church History

1911 - Pentecostal movement began in Canada with first church started in Kinburn, ON.

1935 - October 16th Rev. Robert Burgess started holding meetings in 2nd floor of Perth Town Hall. Meetings moved to the upper floor of the Bell Telephone building on Foster St., then to the "Perkins building" at Wilson & Foster St.

1936 - As the congregation continued to grow, construction began for a new building on a lot at 33 Lewis St. The basement was finished before winter and meetings were held there until the upper floor could be completed.

1937 - The building at 33 Lewis St. was finished and "Glad Tidings Tabernacle" had its first real home.

1935-1942 - Pastor Burgess served as the pastor at Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church until he left to serve in the Second World War.

1942-1945 - Rev. Charles Harris served as interim pastor during Pastor Burgess' absence.

1945-1952 - Pastor Burgess returned to serve as pastor.

1952-1964 - Rev. Schuyler O'Brien served as pastor.  During this time a Sunday School ministry that reached attendance levels of nearly 300 was effective at reaching many in Perth with the good news.

1964-1970 - Rev. William Bowler pastored the church.

1970-1973 - Rev. Samuel Buick pastored the church.

1973-1974 - Rev. Oscar Simpson pastored with assistant Robert Masters.

1974-1979 - Rev. Ronald Reid pastored the church.

1979-1986 - Rev. Ronald Peacock pastored the church.  During this time (1981) a major building upgrade was undertaken at 33 Lewis.

1986-1993 - Rev. Nathaniel Vaters pastored with the assistance of his wife Rev. Grace Vaters and youth pastors Steve Warr and Brent Robillard.

1994-2001 - Rev. Lindsay Stevenson pastored with youth pastors Hansley Armoogan (1994-1995), Morgan Simms (1995-1999), and John-Mark Morley (1999-2002) 

2002 - Rev. Andrew & Pamela Bauer came to pastor in Perth with Pastor John Riley coming shortly after as Assistant Pastor.

2004-2005 - New building was constructed at 160 Wayside Dr. to make room for growing congregation.

2007 - Assistant Pastor, John Riley, resigned.

2009 - Pastor Robert Perry served as Assistant Pastor for approximately one year.
2010 - Rev. Andrew Bauer resigned as Senior Pastor; Rev. Doug Stiller came on board as Interim Pastor, March 2010.

2010 - Rev. Lewis Massarelli is voted on as new senior pastor of our congregation. He began ministry here on October 25th, 2010 and his official inauguration service took place on December 5th, 2010.