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Glad Tidings

Our goal through the missions program at Glad Tidings is to increase the heart of missions within our church body. Our goal is to create a missions program that is not to all the other church ministries, but rather is part of all ministries at Glad Tidings.  Through this approach we hope that participants in every ministry are encouraged to live in a mission-minded way in which God is calling them to live.

To do this we have created a 3D program that incorporates
- International initiatives/ partnerships
- National (Canada-wide) opportunities to minister
- Local (Perth & Area) projects in which we partner 

In order to accomplish the optimal level, we have a leadership team that is comprised of mission-focused people who will challenge each other an the congregation to expand the missions' ministry. 

Who is this team? 
Karen Leach (team leader), Patti Williams, Holly Jones and Carol McMunn.
2017 Prayer Guide
If you would like to order a copy of the PAOC Missions Prayer guide, click here.
Missions and Kids (MAK)
MAK is the missions education program for children of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). MAK exists to help local churches, pastors & parents develop a missionally-minded generation of children who see their world through Jesus' eyes by...

MAK kids December 2014

          • Inspiring kids to do all they can to help spread the Good News of Jesus to people who do not yet know Him.
          • Connecting children with missionaries and their families around the world.
          • Educating children about the world around them, and about those who still need to hear the message of God's love.
          • Assisting missionary families financially so their children can receive quality education on the field. 
          • Supporting missions projects that care for children around the world.
          • Praying for current and very real needs in the world today. 



Our International Missionaries

Dean & Wendy Skinner- WHITE RIVER, SOUTH AFRICA 

Skinner's Website

Dean and Wendy Skinner have served as Executive Directors of Emmanuel Press since June 2005. Emmanuel Press is situated in the town of White River, South Africa near to the Mozambique border, as at it's inception in 1928 by PAOC's Charles Austin Chawner, the focus was Bible literature into Mozambique.

Today Emmanuel Press' focus is "Literature Evangelism to Africa". Through evangelistic tracts in 16 languages people respond and receive discipleship courses through the mail. Every month thousands of new responses are received and thousands of lessons are sent free of charge, with a certificate to those that complete the study. 

Brian & Valerie Rutten- ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA

Brian and Valerie Rutten are based in Ethiopia and lead the work of PAOC from Ethiopia into the region of North Africa and the Middle East. The primary focus of their work, in partnership with strong and mature Ethiopian Church leaders, is leadership training and development of Christian communities, as well as relief and development in the region.

There are many opportunities to bring the love and peace of Christ into this troubled area of the world. Ethiopia is the perfect base to accomplish this from as it is the Capital of Africa, hosting the Africa Union and is a bridge between the Middle East and Africa. It is politically stable and promotes religious freedom. Both the challenges and opportunities are great.

Prasad & Dawn Samson- CHENNAI, INDIA

Prasad and Dawn Samson have been serving in India for the past 8 years and have based in the villages surrounding Chennai. They are involved in four core ministries Reaching, Planting, Equipping and Caring. They are involved in reaching India with the "Good News" of the love of Jesus through revival meetings and personal evangelism.

In the past 8 years they have planted 3 new churches and are building new church headquarters. They also host pastoral seminars where they equip pastors with bible teaching and training. In 2007 the Samson's opened "Hope for the Children" a home for poor and orphaned children. Today the home supports 35 boys and girls both on site and in the community. Another part of their caring ministry is "Women Helping
Widows". Women in Canada can support a widow in India for just $10 a month. This helps women with their basic needs. Their dream is to reach as many as possible with the love of Jesus.

Scott & Melissa Williams (Sophia & Hudson)- EL SALVADOR

Williams' Website 

Scott, Melissa, Sophia and Hudson are helping co-lead an international children’s ministry called King’s Castle. Having seen children walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, they help reach, disciple and send out children and youth to the nation. Having grown to 27 nations and still expanding King’s Castle is seeing God do incredible things through the children.

Watch this VIDEO to see a day in the life of the Williams!


In Our Community

Missions Convention 2017

This Spring the Church held a 2 day Mission Convention themed Pray, Give, Go: Where Do I Fit? We invited 4 local mission agencies and hosted Jodey Hutchings from PAOC head office and Dean and Wendy Skinner from South Africa. We served appetizers from the various countries which we support, enjoyed talks from the local agencies and connected with our international partners via video. 



Capital City Mission

Capital City Missions is a drop-in center located in downtown Ottawa that ministers to the inner city's poor and homeless people by expressing Christ's love to them. At least once a year a team from Glad Tidings makes up a giant meal, such as chili with buns or sandwiches, along with dessert and heads to Ottawa to spend the day serving & fellowshipping with these people.
picture taken 2017