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Glad Tidings


Heart2Heart exists to join women of all ages "heart to heart" and "spirit to Spirit." Our objective is to build up, train and release women into all that God has promised for us. We inspire, mentor, encourage and reach out to the next generation of young women. We provide an atmosphere where we can share faith, fellowship, wisdom, passion, understanding, encouragement and love.

It is our desire to see women rise up and reach beyond themselves in outreach to others in the community. We do this through various events - retreats, fellowship events, conferences and social activities - that encourage women to have fellowship with each other and with Christ. Some activities are purely recreational in nature, providing an opportunity for women to get to know one another in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Other events are more directly focused on spiritual growth, and building a stronger foundation of a woman's relationship with God. Still other sessions will feature tools to help women with day to day issues in their Christian lives.

Recently, a new facet has been added to encourage and support young women to grow in their personal relationship with Christ and be joined with older women as a means of mentoring and/or supporting them in sustaining/beginning their relationship with God. Check out our bulletin board at the Church for up-coming events. We look forward to growing together in Christ with you!