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Glad Tidings
Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get more detailed information on the services and programs offered here at Glad Tidings?

If you go to the Welcome Centre in the lobby before or after our Sunday morning service, the attendant will gladly give you some information on our church or connect you with a someone who may be able to answer your questions in more detail. You may also call our office during the week to ask our Office Administrator or to make an appointment with one of our Ministry Leaders. 

Is there anything for my children or other people in my family?

We desire to serve all ages here at Glad Tidings and have ministries for every age group from the nursery age to seniors. There is a place for you and your entire family in our church family! 

Now that I'm a believer what is the next step?

If you have recently, maybe even today, made a decision to follow Jesus and have asked Him to forgive you and give you a fresh start, you have not arrived, but have just begun a new way of living. It is important that you learn what it means to follow Jesus every day. First of all you need to tell someone. You can't do this on your own. Tell the person who invited you, or one of the staff about your decision to follow Jesus. Second it is important to get involved with one of our small groups, called "Journey Groups" where you can experience the encouragement and friendship of others who are on a similar journey. Thirdly, inquire at the church library for resources that would help you learn the basics of your Christian faith. If you do not yet own a Bible, the church usually has some available for free or at a very low cost. Check with the pastor for details.


Is there a place for me to get involved in helping out?

Yes. It is our desire to see people discover their spiritual gifts and God-given passions and begin to help and serve in the areas that are a unique fit for them. In fact the things God is calling you to do may not even exist yet in our church, but we want to see you equipped and released into service to God and to His church. Please call our church office during the week for more information and we will gladly connect you to the right person.


How can I become a member here of Glad Tidings?

As soon as you begin attending our church we certainly begin to consider you a part of our church family. Official church membership is not mandatory, but is certainly recommended. It is a level of commitment to this church and of this church's commitment to you. It enables you to be more involved in ministry as membership is a requirement for our ministry leaders. You may apply after being in regular attendance for 6 months and may pick up an application from the information desk in the lobby. (If you have moved here and had membership in another Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada church you can talk to the pastor about having your membership transferred.)



If your question is not answered here please feel free to contact us at the church office.